CCTV exposure Tmall’s power supply of these models do not buy melia kreiling

CCTV exposure: Tmall power supply of these models do not buy a lot of people pay attention to the DIY motherboard, graphics cards and other devices, but a good computer power supply is to ensure the steady operation of the computer foundation. Beijing City Consumers Association released the online shopping computer power comparison test results. 4 groups of samples including a power supply, there are security risks, while overclocking 3 and other 2 products virtual power. According to reports, the comparison test sample, by the staff of the Beijing Municipal Association to general consumers from the network channels were purchased, involving 22 brands of 8 well-known network platform consists of 30 groups of computer power supply samples, basically include the current mainstream brand computer power industry, and samples for each brand of the highest selling product specifications there are 15 groups, expressed by the United States "80 PLUS" certification. After testing, there are 5 groups of unqualified samples in these 30 groups. Among them, the "overclocking 3" type CPS-PS650-S6 power supply not only virtual power, there is a security risk. In the detection of the same security risks as well as the Patriot G6 (Gold Edition), including the other 3 groups of samples. The brand as "STW" there is the problem of virtual standard power. Daily economic news reporter noted that this power purchased from the Patriot Tmall, nominal through the United States, 80 PLUS certification. However, with the other 3 sets of power supply in the ground and connecting protection measures, and the power grid connection of these two projects, there are not consistent with the national standards of the structure. Follow the cord substandard electrical leakage fire caused by the reporter learned that the national standard requirements for equipment with rated current less than 10A in the external power line length of not more than 2m, should use the cross-sectional area of at least 0.75mm2 cords. The cross-sectional area of the power cord of the 4 groups in the sample are not up to the standard minimum requirements. The Beijing Municipal Association official said that the computer power cord cross-sectional area is too small, when in use will cause the power line in the long-term working current exceeds its capacity state, will generate too much heat, resulting in insulation layer of hot melt, power line damage, and the exposed conductive part of the power line caused by leakage, even is a fire risk, the property and consumer’s threat to personal safety. Network with the Beijing City Association official said that the comparison test results show that the power performance of the samples with "80 PLUS" certification is not necessarily better than non certified samples. In addition, the individual express certified samples, the conversion efficiency is not up to the level of certification requirements, which may be due to the certification of the use of voltage and the 220V voltage is inconsistent.相关的主题文章:

Jingdong also want to use the robot warehouse, it may not be so fast (video) winfast

Jingdong also want to use robot warehouse, this may not be so fast every holiday shopping season, one of the biggest challenges facing the electricity supplier logistics. Originally, consumers will always think of delivery is too slow, and the need to deal with the shopping season is several times more than usual, or even several times of the order. How to quickly sorting, packaging and distribution, in addition to employing a large number of temporary workers, the warehouse itself operating efficiency and automation is also very important. There are many electricity providers have tried using robots such as warehouse tube, Amazon KIVA robot, will make the order where the commodity shelf to the staff before the staff just need to wait for the arrival of the robot, reached out to take the goods, packaging, labeling, an order ready to enter the transport link. Logistics service providers in the United States Zara clothing brand developed a Locus Bots Locus, will move the picking boxes walk on the shelf, next to the staff by passing the goods after scanning into the box, let it move on to the next shelf. Recently, Jingdong will be located in Beijing, Yizhuang, near the headquarters of the logistics laboratory opened to visit, introduced the latest development of their robot warehouse. In this unmanned warehouse, Jingdong demonstrated the handling robot, shelf shuttle, sorting robot, stacking robot, six axis robots and unmanned forklift operation. AGV robot (lower right) and six axis robot (left) above the lower right is AGV handling robot, used for cargo pallet stacking goods, operation principle and KIVA robot navigation using AGV is similar to the two-dimensional code stuck on the ground. Six axis robot on the left is to use the sucker will be relocating from the scene to show the goods, the effect, the stacking speed can reach a second. Unmanned warehouse group Engineer Qin Hengle introduction, the robot in the stacking goods, a layer, which need to set up some needs are controlled by the algorithm, the background will be according to the early entry of goods, commodity type, length and breadth of data storage rules, automatically calculate the stacking machine. In the small sorting process, need to cooperate with the shuttle and sorting robot shelf. The shuttle on both sides of the shelves, shelves are equipped with small pieces of cargo first, shuttle car is equipped with goods from the shelves, shelves two rows of containers removed, placed onto a conveyor belt. A container through the conveyor belt into the sorting process. Sorting robot in the six axis robot sorting, the goods will be advanced through the built-in camera black box, the black box used to identify the goods, play the role of inspection. Next, sorting robot goods will be removed from the container, divided into small packaged channel. The Delta robot can complete the sorting 3600 times per hour. In fact, identifying goods is the hardest part. At present, the laboratory is only with hundreds of products tested, the training of artificial intelligence, learning different posture of goods, and the Jingdong have thousands of kinds of goods, the so-called artificial intelligence to learn the number is actually quite large. According to Jingdong X division head Xiao Jun introduction, in order to train this algorithm, they have been distributed in the country’s Jingdong 23.相关的主题文章:

Ubisoft talk about its variety of reasons the failure of online games is not friendly to the novice mmc.exe

Ubisoft talk about its variety of online failure reasons: Interview with foreign media for the novice friendly Ubisoft game designer Stanislav Costiuc, analyzes the reasons for the recent Ubisoft’s outage of a variety of online games. These services stop online games including "Castle" and "Plunkett", "Ghost Recon: phantom Magic: duel of Champions". Costiuc said the outage before he played these games again (he did not participate in the game development), he found that these games have defects, especially the novice experience is not good. Related reading: Ubisoft new "Castle Plunkett" over the trial in China TPS shooting game "ghost action announced by Ubisoft:" at the end of the tour agency phantom to stop taking a variety of online games outage "Ubisoft Magic:" duel of champions will stop more of any game, start to experience is very important. This is the key to free online games, players do not have access to the threshold of the game, even if the game does not come back without any loss. So the first impressions of the free game need to capture the players so that they can stay and play all the time. For the game, even if the opening experience is not good, because already paid for the game player, are generally willing to continue the game "Costiuc said. Costiuc believes that "four" is the castle Plunkett set the best online outage, it shows a long-term goal to game game player, and taught how to play the game player. In contrast, "Ghost Recon: phantom" the first impression is not good, but also to promote krypton gold is a big mistake. (source: 1 network) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章:

Foreign media headlines IMF is expected to exceed China’s economic growth in India pgd-426

Foreign media headlines: IMF expects economic growth in India will be super Chinese U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Reuters IMF warrants is expected this year, India’s economic growth will be super Chinese IMF president Christine Lagarde said on Wednesday that the agency will be published next week in the "global economic outlook" report in a further drop in U.S. economic growth is expected in 2016. In July this year, IMF in the U.S. economic growth in 2016 is expected to drop from 2.4% to 2.2%. Lagarde also said that China’s economic growth this year is expected to be around 6%, India’s economic growth will exceed 7%. The United States announced California comprehensive sanctions against California Chinese bank treasury secretary Jiang Junhui California Chinese finance minister Jiang Junhui (John Chiang) announced on Wednesday that the state will be suspended and Wells Fargo business relationship, as the bank fraud punishment, the sanctions will last for one year, including specific measures to suspend the Wells Fargo Bank as California bond issue Underwriters the qualification, and suspended all of Wells Fargo securities investment etc.. In addition, Jiang Junhui also promised to cooperate with California’s two largest public pension fund, the Wells Fargo Bank to reform its management structure, including the separation of the chairman and the position of CEO, and the appointment of a consumer ombudsman (Ombudsman). Earlier this month, Wells Fargo was fined $185 million in fees by regulators for its employees to cheat customers by selling it. The U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPB) said that the Wells Fargo Bank staff to achieve sales target, opened more than 1 million 500 thousand savings accounts without the client’s consent, and for more than 560 thousand credit card accounts, to collect fees. In addition, the bank staff also fake PIN code, fabricated e-mail address, registered in the name of the customer online banking services. UBS fined $15 million for improper sale of securities and UBS agreed to pay more than $15 million to settle allegations that it improperly sold securities. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said that UBS in 2011 to 2014 years to more than 8700 retail customers sold back about $548 million in convertible notes, the relative lack of investment experience these customers do not understand the risk of bill. Many customers are medium net worth and income, risk tolerance is low. SEC said securities firms such as UBS must ensure that their financial advisors understand the potential risks and rewards of complex products they recommend to customers. Budweiser InBev bribery by the United States fined $6 million U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in India (SEC) said on Wednesday that Budweiser beer giant InBev agreed to pay $6 million to settle in India bribery, in violation of the United States "FCPA" charges. The SEC survey found that Budweiser’s use of third party sales staff to bribe officials in India, in order to promote sales and production. The company also entered into an agreement with a staff member to prevent the person from continuing to communicate with SEC. SEC said that Budweiser InBev lack of internal accounting control, in order to find and stop these bribes 9相关的主题文章:

Adorable treasure mother network will make the patriotic education is rooted in the hearts of the ch

Adorable treasure mother network will make the patriotic education "is rooted in the hearts of the children in September 3rd, mother network XiAn Railway Station joint Hongkong New World Department Store held a" Adorable treasure to sing the song ". The children with a tender children’s wonderful interpretation of the 71 anniversary of the victory of the Anti Japanese War tribute classic red songs, the expression of love for the motherland. The event, little kids wear neat uniform, bright smile like the sun flower. They did not lose strength with a tender voice sing carols of the motherland, to their love for the motherland. "Military service", "learn from Lei Feng good example", "tunnel warfare" and a series of songs to show children beautiful style, with the audience. To participate in the activities of the mother network users said that this is not the first time she took the baby to participate in the activities of the mother network. From pregnancy to now the baby is 4 years old, she participated in dozens of activities of the mother network, including online breeding knowledge sharing, a variety of parent-child activities under the line, and the baby spent a lot of good time. Mother network staff also introduced, each region has mother network held several "red song" activities, to let the children in their own way to participate in patriotic activities in the past. Red songs sung by the revolutionary tradition, let the children become a power source, make efforts to become the virtues of youth, let the patriotic education rooted in the hearts of children.相关的主题文章:

This artifact Baby Magic highlights the new piece of information — prospective chompoo araya

This artifact   "Baby Magic" highlights the new piece of information — prospective squaresoft game AI Nicks only licensed Mobile Games "Baby Magic" will open a new piece of information "and adorable treasure in next week"! This piece of information will have a massive update on-line games, this artifact, heaven adorable treasure, there are new mounts, new mercenaries, new pet a series of strikes. Today’s official website will be the first exposure artifact system in a new piece of information, let a warrior can understand God gameplay details in advance, at any time to prepare for the new adventure. [this artifact Lord Al Jess trial] elementals different world is continuing destruction, originally peaceful flange, life was broken by this group of outsiders, and Lord Al Jess found behind this batch of biological elements had the Inferno forces in support, angry Al Jess decided to implement the God of judgment, I do not know the punishment the immensity of heaven and earth. The eviction of elemental lords, arges down destiny artifact power flange of the brave, the artifact is powerful, it is bound to destroy the evil forces, he Ning flange. [talent shenlishen casting system play first exposure] artifact itself has a very strong strength, and want to ride them is not easy, the flange of the warriors need to reach level 80 to open the artifact system. The artifact can also be enhanced by God cast system in God cast to a certain stage will be open artifact exclusive skills, these skills are divided into natural skills (active skills) and power skills (passive technology), the acquisition of these skills will greatly enhance their combat capability of the warriors. [shiny cool artifact will be free to show] artifact Lord Al Jess will be given the highest honor, is a symbol of the flange, and the artifact will be free to show the same elf jewelry, artifact shining around on his side, is a symbol of identity is a kind of strength so, pull the wind. "—" effect, the warriors do not come out? In addition to the artifact system of concern, the core gameplay adorable treasure new piece of information in the system, there are new mounts, new mercenaries and new pets will be in the next week in the news gradually exposed, Nicks only licensed squaresoft AI Mobile Games "Baby Magic" new piece of information will be officially opened next week, please look forward to!   (commissioning editor: Dong Sirui, Shen Guangqian)相关的主题文章: